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New and Improved Wellness Products for 2021

There were multiple developments in the world of personal health and wellness in 2020, and topics such as mental health, physical fitness, and achieving an active lifestyle are in the forefront of the public eye moving into 2021.

With a fresh start in mind, here is a list of products (both tech and non-tech) that you'll find on the market in 2021 which can help you improve your health and maintain those new year's resolutions.


Modern Wellness, Without the Batteries

Building up a healthy lifestyle can include lots of simple, unplugged solutions. Here are some non-tech products which will launch your healthy lifestyle to a new level!

Weighted Blanket

Although the weighted blanket has been around

since the 90's, recent advances in the fillers, cooling, and durability of these relaxing blankets are bringing people more peaceful and deeper sleep. Recent studies have even shown that there are numerous health benefits to using one, especially for people with ADHD, autism, anxiety, and arthritis.

Yoga Hammock

For those looking for a low-stress exercise, a yoga hammock is a clever and fun way to stretch, increase strength, and get a full-body workout without leaving your home. Once installed, you'll be able to follow along with multiple online guides, instructors, and classes!

See-Through Face Mask

Possibly the most necessary development for 2021, this see-through mask allows for safe and effective communication - and its no-fog design is reusable and washable! Whether you want to smile for the camera again, or better communicate with your hard-of-hearing loved ones, see-through masks are a great investment for the year ahead.


It may come as a surprise to you that until now, there has been little innovation pertaining to putting on a coat independently. The JacketJoy is a new dressing aid product which works to reduce shoulder pain and enable individuals to put on their own coats. With this device, putting on a jacket is up to 27x faster - now that's wellness!

Reusable ZipTop Bags

The reusable version of a Ziploc bag and a soon-to-be kitchen staple for people of all ages, the ZipTop reduces plastic waste while being fun and affordable. Safe for all foods as well as being freezer-, microwave-, and dishwasher- friendly, this is a perfect solution for those with green new year's resolutions!


High-Tech and Healthy

Sometimes technology really is our best friend. Here are a few notable techy solutions which will help with overall wellness - body and soul.


Dumbbells, kettlebells, and any sort of weight were flying off the shelves in 2020. With this new smart-kettlebell, the JaxJox, you don't have to buy a whole set: each JaxJox can adjust its own weight. This tech innovation also saves on space and even keeps track of stats like your average power, heartrate and steps to calculate a personalized fitness score!

Light Therapy Lamps

A great product for those with SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) a light therapy lamp is an affordable way to take your mental health self care to the next level. With many offering several modes and full light spectrums, this product is ready to help bring 2021 some sunshine.

Portable Gluten Tester

For those with a gluten allergy, truly knowing whether a food is gluten free is a constant worry. With Nima's new portable gluten tester, that worry turns to a certainty within a few minutes. This tech is a boon for food safety everywhere.

The Mirror

The Mirror is a reflective workout trainer which guides and motivates you to achieve your workout goals in the comfort and safety of your own home. From yoga to boxing, the mirror's personal trainer helps you stay fit in a sleek, compact and interesting way.


Getting a good night's sleep causes an increase in energy, a better-functioning body, and even a better attitude. Somnox - a sleeping buddy robot - helps you regulate your breathing, plays soothing music, and tracks your sleeping so you can train your body to sleep longer and better. With health and wellness literally resting on sleep, this product may be your way to hit snooze on 2020 and refresh for 2021.


Stay healthy & take care,

the Reachable Solutions team

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