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Our Favorite Ways to Gift a Dressing Aid!

Updated: Jan 3, 2021

A dressing aid is a great gift for a loved one. But, which one do you get, and how do you gift it?

Follow along for the best tips on how to find and give such a personal, unique, and useful gift.

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1. Prep

The next time you visit your loved one, spend a little time observing them. What do they ask for help with? Maybe it's help buttoning up a collar, or putting on a coat or shoes. Understand what kind of dressing aid they'd love and what would go straight in the "regift" pile.

2. Pairing

A dressing aid is a useful - but not incredibly exciting - gift. Pair the dressing aid with a related item to add some fun! Gift them some funky socks with their shoe horn or pair a nice button up with a button hook aid. This is your chance to customize, so let your creativity shine through!

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3. Test Run

So now you've given your gift, but will your loved one actually use it? Try scheduling a fun activity on the same day to give them an opportunity to test out the dressing aid. Take the family for a walk to give them a chance to put on some shoes, or go to a fancy dinner to try out a button hook. This gives you time teach them how to operate it, and has the added bonus of being a fun memory for both of you!

4. Our Favorites

Now that you know how to gift a dressing aid, let us share a few of our favorites with you!

First up is the classic shoehorn. For a fancier twist, try getting one in an elegant burnished brass, like this one on Amazon.

Check out the link here.

Next up is the JacketJoy. We love how easy the JacketJoy makes putting on any kind of coat. Gift your loved one a future without shoulder pain!

Check out the link here.

No more fumbling with your buttons! The OXO button hook aid makes buttoning a breeze.

Check out the link here.

A grabber arm is a great option for a tricky gift recipient. A few feet of extra reach can make all the difference.

Check out the link here.


Happy gifting,

the Reachable Solutions team

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