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Always Cold? Stay Toasty with these Winter Jackets!

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

For anyone living in the northern hemisphere, staying warm in the winter months can be a struggle. Layering is an age-old winter hack, but with layers comes extra laundry and more time spent dressing before you’re able to enjoy the snowy outdoors.

A warm winter jacket is a necessity! That being said, there are tons of options to choose from... here are the best jackets everyone should know and own to stay toasty.


1. Ski Jacket

If anything will keep you warm in the winter, it’s a good ski jacket. Ski jackets are designed to be breathable, waterproof, insulated, wind resistant, and abrasion resistant. However, there are different types of ski jackets including shell ski jackets, multi-layered ski jackets, and down ski jackets so be sure to do some research before purchasing.

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2. Insulated Down Coat

A down jacket is a classic choice for a lightweight jacket that will keep youtoasty all through the winter months. Modern jackets mostly use synthetic down, but it's just as warm and cozy as the real thing!

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3. Parka

Parka coats are a must-have staple for

cold winters, working to keep you both warm and dry! It fights the cold winter winds through insulation, is waterproof, and of course has the stylish fur-rimmed hood. First invented in Canada, this jacket is sure to keep you warm – no wonder it’s been trending for a while!

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4. Pea Coat

Pea coats are made of a heavy wool and are extremely good at keeping out the wind. They often feature a shorter length, buttons down the front, and a large collar. Pea coats are almost always a single color without too many patterns, yet are a fashionable and classy way to fight the cold.

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5. Puffer

The puffer jacket has gotten an upgrade from the marshmallow-man days of your youth. The humble puffer is now a statement piece! This year, a big, chunky puff is on trend, but you can also find unique options in quilt stich or even try a puffer vest!

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6. Duffle Coat

Duffle is a thick wool material and gets its name from the town it was invented in – Duffel, Belgium! Toggle fastenings and bucket hoods are found in all versions of these jackets and made them a popular choice - especially the ability to button it all the way to your neck! These jackets combine style and practicality!

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No matter what you choose, as long as you are staying warm against the cold, your jacket is doing its job!

Happy adventuring,

the Reachable Solutions team

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