Our Mission

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Makes putting on a jacket simple, no matter your level of mobility. Our breakthrough device is portable, fits the jackets you already own and is proven to reduce strain and difficulty.

Simple to Use

Intuitive design.

Takes seconds to learn.

Completely independent.


Tested with over 100 initial users, JacketJoy helped make putting on a jacket up to 27x faster. Only 58% of these users could put on a jacket by themselves prior.


Fits Any Jacket

The JacketJoy expands to fit any jacket. Our standard and heavy-duty patches cover a wide range of coat styles.

Use Your Own Jacket

Patches are discreetly hidden on the inside of the jackets you already own, so you never have to sacrifice your style.


Portable & Discrete

Perfectly designed to fit your pocket or purse. The JacketJoy collapses to only 9 inches.

High Quality

High quality materials at an affordable price.

Strong neodymium rare earth magnets.


Waterproof 600 thread canvas.

Industry leading semi-permanent fabric adhesive.


Unpacking Independence

1 JacketJoy Telescoping Bar

2 Standard Patches

2 Heavy-Duty Patches

3 User Guides

How it Works

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pull down to raise bar.PNG
grab swinging bar.PNG

Download the full User Guide here

Watch a How-To Video here

Patch Placement.PNG

Download the full Patch Placement Guide here

Who We Serve

Seniors with Limited Mobility





Individuals with Rotator Cuff Injuries


What They Say

"I always struggled with putting on my jacket, and JacketJoy is discreet and very effective."


"Before JacketJoy, I couldn't go outside without my husband. Now, I can leave whenever I want."


"I haven't been able to put on a jacket for years. With JacketJoy, it takes me just 8 seconds!"


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use my own jacket?

Yes! JacketJoy is designed to work with any type of outerwear from a light sweater to a thick wool coat. Our patent-pending semi-permanent patches take less than 30 seconds to put on your jacket, and can easily be washed off.

Are there different sizes?

Nope! Our device was designed to be one-size-fits-all! We offer two Patch Sets: Standard & Heavy-Duty to accomodate for ALL jacket types! We work hard to keep things simple so our technology is extremely user-friendly and intuitive.

Will this device help me take off my jacket?

This device is only meant to help people put on jackets. That's because the rotator cuff motion required to put on a jacket is strained several times more than taking off a jacket.

Can I purchase additional patches if I use more than one jacket?

Yes! We include 4 patches (for up to 2 jackets) with our JacketJoy Starter Kit, but we offer additional patch sets if you use more jackets on a regular basis. You can find these in our online shop. Be on the lookout for our Custom Patch Sets (coming soon!) which will come in different colors to better match the lining of your jacket, if you so choose!

Are the patches removable?

Yes! We refer to our patches are semi-permanent because the adhesive used to attach them to your own jacket is strong but ultimately removeable. Should you ever wish to discontinue use of the JacketJoy, simply wash your jacket in hot water and soap for about 5 minutes and the patch adhesive will dissolve, leaving the Jacket wholly intact.

Do you offer gift packaging?

All of our devices and items come in specifial, branded packaging whether a "gift" option is selected or not. However, a gift option is available where we can hide prices if you request us to.